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One area of the home or business that may cause lingering health issues is a place in which no one goes very often, and few people have ever seen--the inside of the air ducts. Whether you are heating, ventilating, or air conditioning, most air ducts only ever get cleaned at their most accessible points near the intake or exhaust grills. In older buildings, the ductwork might be a hodgepodge of rectangular or circular sheet metal. Flexible ducting which is cheaper, lighter, and easier to install is usually used in newer buildings, but it is typically very hard to clean well.


You might be asking yourself if ductwork cleaning really is that important. If your house or office is new, you haven't had any fires or floods, and no one has allergies, then you are probably fine. If, however, you have had a fire, then your ductwork may be left covered with varying sized particles of toxic soot. Greasy soot that is very hard to clean from any surface may be left by smoldering fires. Untouched soot in the ductwork will be continually recirculated through your home or business once the HVAC system is turned on, unless you have them professionally cleaned. 


If you have moisture get into your ductwork, either from flooding or water leaking into the HVAC system, you will probably have an even bigger problem. You can understand just how pervasive moisture can be just by taking a look around the bathroom right after a shower. In the bathroom, an exhaust fan or open window can help dry up moisture, but in the air ducts, it can be caught for hours, days, or weeks, which creates the ideal environment for mold and mold spores. 


To prevent moisture from entering your ducts, the United States EPA has issued some guidelines which should be followed. You should always check your humidifiers properly, and make sure to empty the water collection trays. If water is standing in the basement or any other contained area, make sure and remove it right away. If there are any leaks, fix them so there are no issues with condensation. Make sure that your air conditioning unit is draining properly, and that you have it regularly serviced water damage restoration dallas. When cleaning near ducts, do not use steam or any other moisture. 


If moisture has gotten into the air ducts of a home or business, then they should be checked by a professional restoration company. It depends on the temperature and humidity. There will probably be some dust and microbes in the ducts, as this is a reflection of the air content of the home or business. A proper analysis needs to be performed to determine the presence of major bacteria or mold, and then cleaning methods should be used that won't further impact the building or the inhabitants with fumes or toxins. By using the help of a professional restoration service, you can ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for your family or employees.


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